This page is reserved for rampant fan theorization regarding Abraham Thorn's first daughter:


The first daughter of Abraham Thorn was Claudia Green, as revealed at the end of Chapter 20 of Alexandra Quick and the Stars Above.

Name and AgeEdit

She probably bears a given name from classical antiquity, in the tradition of Thorn's other children. (TRUE: Claudia Green shares her name with Claudia Octavia).

Since Lucilla and Drucilla were born in 1983 and Valeria in 1985, it is likely that Thorn's first daughter was born before 1980. Any time during the 1970s seems likely (at which point Thorn was in his own twenties), making her between 30 and 40 years old as of 2010. (TRUE: Claudia was born in 1974).

Mary ShirtliffeEdit

She is Professor Shirtliffe. (FALSE).

The Sisters GrimmEdit

"She" is actually a set of twins: Lilith and Diana Grimm (1). (FALSE).


She is an Animagus that takes the form of a black cat (FALSE: with Mr. Whiskers confirmed dead, this theory is incorrect).

She is an Animagus that takes the form of a black cat.


She was sacrificed to the Generous Ones by the Deathly Regiment in 1982 or 1989 (2), fueling Abraham's vendetta against the Confederation. (FALSE).

If she was sacrificed in 1982, then she would have to have been born in 1972 or later. (FALSE).
If she was sacrificed in 1989, then she would have to have been born in 1979 or later. (FALSE).
She was born on 31 July 1980, and sacrificed in the Summer of 1989. (FALSE).

Christmas Eve visitorEdit

She was the mysterious "woman with severe features and dark hair" who accompanied Abraham to Sweetmaple Avenue on Christmas Eve of 2010 to visit Alexandra Quick wearing "blood-red robes beneath a black cloak."

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