You may also be looking for Claudia Quick's locket

Alexandra Quick's locket contained a cameo portrait of her father, Abraham Thorn, and hung from a gold chain. The locket was delivered to her on Christmas Eve of 2008 by her father's familiar, Hagar, with a note reading: "Merry Christmas, Alexandra. Please keep this locket with you. It would mean a very great deal to me." She later discovered that the locket was actually a means of communication between her father and herself when he contacted her through it on her birthday in March 2009.

In May 2009, Alex took the locket with her when she and Maximilian King traveled to the Lands Below, and King later took the locket with him when he passed through the Gift-Place into the Lands Beyond in order to transform the locket into a token that Abraham Thorn could use for passage between the Lands Above and the Lands Below.


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