The following timeline includes events that occurred in the Alexandra Quick series. Events in green took place in England.

1632 Edit

1710 Edit

1814 Edit

1835 Edit

1838 Edit

1856 Edit

1926 Edit

1932 Edit

  • Heather Marmsley dies.

1974 Edit

1980 Edit

1981 Edit

  • 31 October: Riddle, as "Lord Voldemort," kills Lily and James Potter and attempts to kill Harry, but nearly destroys himself instead.

1982 Edit

1988 Edit

1991 Edit

1992 Edit

1994 Edit

1995 Edit

1996 Edit

1997 Edit

1998 Edit

1999 Edit

2001 Edit

2002 Edit

  • Claudia Quick marries Archie Green.

2003 Edit

  • Alex jumps from the roof of her house on a dare, landing lightly without injury; she attempts the same feat again with Brian, and both wind up in the hospital, she with a sprained ankle and he with a broken elbow and concussion.

2004 Edit

  • Summer: Alex becomes determined to travel to the moon, and attempt to build a rocket in her backyard with Brian's help.
  • 1 September: Ophilia Karait begins her first year at Hogwarts, and chooses to be Sorted into Slytherin in order to stay close to her friends.

2005 Edit

  • Alex can magically unlock doors, and has discovered that she can perform magic more consistently by using rhyming couplets.

2007 Edit

2008 Edit

2009 Edit

2010 Edit

2011 Edit

2016 Edit

  • June: Lupin graduates from Hogwarts.

2017 Edit

Appearances Edit

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