Alta California (or North California) is one of two wizarding territories on the West Coast of the United States, likely created by the California Disunification (along with South California); it is located in the northern part of the state. The Chinese wizarding village of Little Wuyi is located in the territory as is a Japanese settlement of Majokai, along with a detention facility under Mount Diablo.

The territory is covered in the textbook Wizards and Warlocks in the Ancient World under the unit "Wizards in the New World," along with Deseret, New Amsterdam, and Arcadia. According to Darla Dearborn, the Radicalist movement was strongest in Alta California, where, according to Dearborn's mother, "they've always been a little odd."

In the Summer of 2009, the territorial Governor ordered the arrest of Geming Chu under the pretenses of the newly-enacted WODAMND Act. In the Fall of 2009, Special Inquisitor Diana Grimm referred to the territory as "North California."

Appearances Edit

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