Angelique Devereaux

Angelique Devereaux

Angelique Devereaux




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Charmbridge Academy

Angelique Devereaux attended Charmbridge Academy from 2007 to 2010, rooming with Darla Dearborn, before transferring to Baleswood for her freshman year. She lives in New Orleans, Louisiana.

She is dark-skinned, with sleek black hair, and very pretty. Like her roommate, she wears makeup and tends to dress in very feminine, stylish clothes.

The Devereauxs are said to be one of the most powerful wizarding families in New Orleans. Angelique once mentioned that a few family ghosts haunt their estate.

Sixth Grade Edit

At The Familiar Corner in the Goblin Market, she chose Honey, a jarvey, as her companion, mistaking her for a ferret.

As a sixth grader, Angelique was flirtatious and popular, and quite proud of being the most physically developed girl in her class. She was more or less friendly with Alexandra Quick, though her attitude towards Alexandra was often patronizing and/or snide, too. She and Darla Dearborn formed the core of the "popular girls" clique.

Seventh Grade Edit

Angelique was invited to joint he Mors Mortis Society along with her friend, Darla. However, she was one of the earliest drop-outs, after she was unable to endure their initiation ritual with the Mayan Brazier of Visions.

Her membership in the MMS was discovered at the end of the year, but she was placed on probation, rather than expelled, because she had quit early.

Eighth Grade Edit

Ninth Grade Edit

Following the events of the Spring of 2010, Angelique's parents pulled her out of Charmbridge and sent her to Baleswood, closer to home.

Appearances Edit


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