The Banishing Spell (incantations: anathema jibay, anathema anima) is a spell used to send summoned spirits back to the Lands Beyond.

Mary Shirtliffe taught the Spell to members of the JROC in Fall of 2009.

Alexandra Quick performed "a lesser" variant of the Spell on a ghostly member of the Pirate Fleet Invasion during the Summer of 2010. In January 2011, she used the Spell with its full force against a horde of Chindi spirits at Witches' Rock in New Mexico.

The Banishing Spell is more powerful than the Banishing Charm, which is used to send away inanimate physical objects in space within the corporeal realm.

Etymology Edit

anathema (English): "A ban or curse...; denunciation of anything as accursed."

jibay (Ojibwa): "corpse, ghost, spirit of the dead" (originally jiibay)
anima (English): "he soul or inner self of a person"

Appearances Edit

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