Benjamin Rash (b. 1994) is a student at Charmbridge Academy. He is an Ozarker, and is the twin brother of Mordecai Rash. He is named after a Biblical character.

He scolded Constance and Forbearance Pritchard aboard the Charmbridge Academy Bus for mentioning that they could wish hexes, and later approached them in the cafeteria at Grundy's to order them to move to his table where a group of Ozarkers were sitting in order to sit "with their own kind." He was joined by his brother Mordecai and Larry Albo, and claimed that Ozarker girls shouldn't consort with "furriners" or "sorceresses" or "Muggle-borns with no breeding." The Rash brothers were admonished by Tabitha Speaks for using the slur, and did not approach the sixth-graders again in the Goblin Market.

Appearances Edit

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