William "Billy" Boggleston is a resident of Larkin Mills.

He once picked on Alexandra Quick, who caused worms to gush from his nose in reprisal. He later approached Alex with a group of his friends when they found Alex alone in a park; Billy tried to conceal his nervousness, and saw Alex give his friend Tom a cookie that then turned into a mouthful of worms before she kicked out both of Tom's knees.

Billy later saw Alex on Christmas Eve on 2007 while ice-skating at Larkin Mills Pond. When Bonnie Seabury approached Alex, Billy mocked her for attending a "special" school, and Bonnie's brother Brian called Alex a freak.

In August 2008, Billy mocked Alex when he found her buying underwear and socks at the Larkin Mills Mall. When Tom tried to take Alex's bookbag, the two were driven off by an enchanted store mannequin.

During the summer of 2009, Billy attended the summer session at Larkin Mills Middle School along with Alex and, presumably, Tom Gavin. He and Gavin later threw trash at Quick from the window of a bus. In July of that year, he, Gavin and Gordie Pike encountered Quick again at Old Larkin Pond.

During the summer of 2010, Billy, Gavin, and Pike accosted Alex at the Sweetmaple park.


Billy shares his name with a quarterback for the Waterloo Warriors (1).