The Blacksburg Magery Institute is one of the premier schools of magic in the United States, located in Blacksburg in the Roanoke Territory. BMI students call themselves "Stormcrows" after their school mascot, and wear blue and silver military-style uniforms with dark blue cloaks. The Institute takes part in the Magical Academy Student Exchange Program, sending a group of six students to Charmbridge Academy, and participates in the Interlibrary Loan Program.

Darla Dearborn met BMI student Martin Nguyen on an Aurora Borealis cruise to the North Pole over the summer of 2008. The following schoolyear, Nguyen, along with Beatrice Hawthorne, Tybalt Franklin, Maximilian King, Adelaide Speir, and Pierce Prince, transferred temporarily to Charmbridge as part of the MASE Program.

BMI students take a compulsory "Etiquette & Traditions" in which they receive "a few weeks of mandatory dance instruction." The location of the school, like that of most American wizarding schools, was chosen because it was once used by the practitioners of native tribal magic.

The Institute "is loosely based on institutions like the Virginia Military Institute and The Citadel," though since "those are post-secondary schools, ...BMI is really more comparable to a military boarding school like Massanutten Military Academy."

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