Calling Down the Stars is an astrological ritual meant to allow an individual to treat with the Powers of the Stars Above. The ritual involves the primary caster and six other people who care deeply for and are entwined with the destiny of the primary caster. The six individuals involved must be positioned at the points of a hexagram around the primary caster while an incantation is spoken:

Occident and Orient, Pole and Anti-Pole,
stand at the four corners of land and deep and shoal.
Lie they all beneath the sky; there is no war or love
that seen by night, evades the sight, of th'eternal Stars Above.
By ev'ry Power in the sky, by Earth and Sun and Moon,
By Romulus and Sirius, by Pluto and Neptune;
By Kesil, Ash, and Kemah, by Jupiter and Mars,
I call to thee, my plea: convene the Parliament of Stars!

In November of 2010, a group of teenagers including Anna Chu, David Washington, Constance Pritchard, Forbearance Pritchard, Innocence Pritchard, Sonja Rackham, and Alexandra Quick attempted the ritual.


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