Charlie is a raven belonging to Alexandra Quick. Alexandra bought Charlie at the Familiar Corner in September 2007.

Charlie is a highly intelligent familiar, and can follow instructions when he chooses to do so.

Charlie's VocabularyEdit

Alexandra decided to teach Charlie to talk in the fall of 2008, and soon the raven was able to say the name "Alexandra" with surprising clarity. Over time, Charlie has picked up an expanding vocabulary:

  • "Alexandra"
  • "Troublesome vexes, Troublesome woes"
  • "Troublesome"
  • "Charlie's a raven, not a crow"
  • "Big fat jerk"
  • "Pretty bird"
  • "Sorry"
  • "Rat"
  • "Wicked"
  • "Fly, fly"
  • "Wicked clever"
  • "Miss you terrible"
  • "Bird-brain"
  • "Anna"
  • "Real funny, jerk"
  • "Hagar"



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