The Charmbridge Academy Bus, or "Short Bus," is a autobus used to transport students of the Charmbridge Academy to various functions. From the outside, the bus looks like a "little orange schoolbus" marked "Charmbridge Academy" in plain black letters along the flank, while the inside has been augmented with an Undetectable Extention Charm. The interior contains two floors, each with a row of comfortable booths and tables, and a pair of bathrooms marked "Witches" and "Wizards." The bus is driven by Tabitha Speaks.

In August of each year, the bus picks up students from the Wizardrail station and their homes in the Midwestern territory for a shopping trip to the Goblin Market in Chicago to purchase school supplies for the coming year. Prior to the beginning of the schoolyear, the bus then picks up students and delivers them to the outskirts of the Charmbridge Academy campus.

In August 2007, Alexandra Quick met Anna Chu, David Washington, Angelique Devereaux, Cosntance and Forbearance Pritchard and Darla Dearborn aboard the Bus. In April 2008, the Bus carried sixth-grade class on a field trip to the Territorial Headquarters Building in Chicago.

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