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Claudia Quick's bracelet was a golden bracelet that she kept in her bedroom closet buried beneath an old bag, a box of combs and dried-out cosmetics, and a high school yearbook. During the summer of 2007, her daughter Alex found the bracelet and took it, speculating that it may have been a gift to her mother from her father. She later lost it in a confrontation with a colony of redcaps at Old Larkin Pond; when she returned to the Pond, she and Brian Seabury fought off a kappa to retrieve the bracelet.

Inspired by the discovery of the bracelet, Alex later returned to her mother's closet and found a locket, and took both with her on her first trip to the Goblin Market in Chicago. When Alex chose Charlie as her familiar, the raven became enamored of the bracelet, and "squawked unpleasantly" whenever Alex took it away. At Charmbridge Academy, she often let him keep it, and eventually told her roommate Anna Chu about it.

In December of 2007, Alex returned home for Christmas break, and a fire broke out at her house during a blizzard. In her escape from the house, Alex lost the bracelet and the locket, which she had left under her pillow in bed. In June of 2008, Alex discovered that the bracelet had actually been stolen by Ben Journey, who had broken the bracelet believing it to be the Circle of Protection that Abraham Thorn had placed around his daughter. Journey discovered his error, however, when he tried to kill Alex, only to destroy himself when the murder attempt backfired.

Journey's ghost mentioned the "damned bracelet" to Quick in October of 2010.

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