You may also be looking for Alexandra Quick's locket

Claudia Quick's locket was a golden pendant that she kept hidden in a box in her bedroom closet. The locket contained a magical photograph of Claudia's first husband, Abraham Thorn, and was locked with magic. Claudia's daughter Alex found the locket during the summer of 2007, and eventually managed to open it using a doggerel-verse version of an unlocking charm (Locket, you're hiding something from me, / So open up and let me see). She was stunned to find that the photograph inside moved when it winked at her.

After Alex met Lilith Grimm, she used another doggerel charm to open the locket (You can stay shut, but don't you hide, / Show me the picture I know's inside), and promptly received a letter from Trace Officer Alcina Kennedy and a howler from Grimm. She took the locket with her on her first trip to the Goblin Market in Chicago; when she chose Charlie as her familiar, she found the raven enamored of the locket as well as a bracelet that she'd found.

She termporary lost the locket when the Charmbridge Academy's Invisible Bridge failed while she tried to cross it, but Charlie found it and returned it to her. Alex often let Charlie keep the locket and bracelet, and eventually told her roommate Anna Chu about them. She began to suspect that the man in the photograph was her father, and discovered that he was Abraham Thorn when she matched the picture to one in Dark or Demented? The Case Against Abraham Thorn.

In December of 2007, Alex returned home for Christmas Break, and a fire broke out in her house during a blizzard; in her escape, Alex lost the locket and the bracelet, which she had left under her pillow in bed. When she returned to Charmbridge, she told Dean Grimm about the locket, but the Dean lied about Alex's identity and connection to Thorn. Alex later learned the truth when she broke into the Registrar's Office at Charmbridge and performed an editing ink reversal charm on the Registrar's Scroll, revealing her true name to be "Alexandra Octavia Thorn."

Alex discovered the fate of the bracelet in June of 2008, but as of August of 2008, has yet to recover the locket. It is also unknown if the locket was, like the locket that Alex later received, a means of communication between Claudia and Thorn.


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