The following genealogical chart concerns the Dearborn family * of American witches and wizards:

Absalom Thorn; m. Hippolyta Black
Ezekiel Orion Thorn
Cassandra Michal Thorn
Enoch Corvus Thorn; m. Emer Quinn
Ezra Leonis Thorn; m. Patience Hallowell
Sarah Hope Thorn; m. Hercules Nathan Dearborn
Michael Dearborn; m. Verity Smith
James Constantine Dearborn; m. Roberta Carling
Gideon Titus Dearborn
James Constantine Dearborn II; m. Mildred Gavriella Seelye
Hilary Gail Dearborn (b. 1990)
Darla Jean Dearborn (b. 10 Feb 1996; d. June 2010)
Mary Elizabeth Dearborn (b. 1999)

The fact that Hippolyta and Absalom Thorn's sons bear middle names – Leonis, Orion, and Corvus – related to consellations lends credence to the theory that Hippolyta was directly related to the British House of Black, which carried on the same tradition.


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