Death's Abode is a stone building standing at the end of the road in the Lands Beyond, looking like a "cross between a Greek temple and a mausoleum." The building is "an enormous structure, with gray-white stone steps leading up to gray-white stone pillars surrounding a vast, cavernous entrance." The stone columns are "smooth and polished, seated on plinths" with what appear to be Greek inscriptions.

Just inside the entranceway is an "immense hallway" that is ""grand, but austere" with "dark doorways leading off in all directions, but no furniture or any other decorations." The walls and ceiling bear stone carvings that change appearance: at times, "a great, coiled dragon swallowing a sphere" appears, as well as other animals, including "wolves, serpents, a raven, a turtle." At other times, the carvings change to show "a large, naked, muscular man with a beard wrestling with a skeletal figure" and being pinned by it. At still other times, the carvings change to display "fearsome, six-armed demons."

Alexandra Quick traveled to the building in the Spring of 2010 to treat with Death.


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