Deathly Conjures and Power-ful Workes for the Wizard Who Desireth to Speake Across That Threshold (Known by Some as the Lands Beyond), Whereby One May Command Spirites and Seek Even That Most Deathly Power is "a small, thick, black book" that is "very old" and contains "diagrams, formulas, and text written in a dense, handwritten script." The author is currently unknown, as the composition of the grimoire is attributed to the pseudonym of Hermes Trismegistus.

Various headings appear at the top of each page, including:

  • "On Seeking the Spirit of One Known to the Wizard In Life"
  • "On Calling A Proper Ghost With Regarde for Domaines and Circumstances"
  • "On Spirites Not Favorably Inclined to the Wizard, Which Requireth Warnings and Precautions."
  • "Banishements of Leaste Severity"
  • "Banishements of Great Severity"
  • "Deathly Spirites"
  • "Treating with Deathly Powers"

A copy of the book was given to Alexandra Quick by Darla Dearborn in February of 2010 in exchange for information on Quick's trip to the Lands Below.

The section titled "Treating with Deathly Powers" also contains a page that appears as "yawning," "pitch black void." When Quick looked at the page, she heard faint "whispers" that caused "the hairs on the back of her neck stir." Dearborn claimed that the page was "creepy," and that looking into it "gave [her] nightmares."


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