Enoch Corvus Thorn * was the son of Hippolyta and Absalom Thorn, the brother of Ezra, Ezekiel, and Cassandra Thorn, the husband of Emer Quinn, the father of Miriam and Jared Thorn, the grandfather of Joshua and Abel Thorn, the great-grandfather of Seth Thorn, the great-great-grandfather of Abraham Thorn, and the third-great-grandfather of Lucilla, Drucilla and Valeria White, Maximilian and Julia King, and Alexandra Quick.


Thorn shares his name with the Biblical son of Cain and grandson of Eve and Adam, and his middle name with constellation. Corvus is also Latin for "raven," which is notable as two of Enoch's descendants – Abraham and Alexandra – claims ravens (Hagar and Charlie respectively) as animal companions.

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