Geming Chu is the husband of Lisa Yuan, and the father of Anna Chu; he is a pure-blooded wizard who lives in Little Wuyi, San Francisco, California, with family in the Fujian province of China. He and his family live in a house built by his great-great-grandfather.

He opposed Anna's return to Charmbridge Academy in both 2007 and 2008, but was persuaded otherwise. In 2009, Mr. Chu began a campaign to run for the Wizards' Congress. In August, however, he was arrested in his home under the pretenses of the newly-enacted WODAMND Act. He was later held in the Mount Diablo detention facility in Alta California until February 2010, when he was released after the revelation of a memory held by Alexandra Quick regarding the identities of the members of the Thorn Circle.

In the Spring of 2010, Chu was elected to serve as "the new Congressman for North California."

In June 2010, he traveled to New Amsterdam, stopping at Charmbridge on the way home to pick up Anna. At that time, he spoke with Quick about the Deathly Regiment, and admitted that he had endured his family's disappoint at marrying a Muggle in order to protect his children, who, being half-blooded, would not be eligible for the Regiment's lottery.



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