In December of 2010, Julia King gave Alexandra Quick a "large, gold-rimmed mirror" capable of displaying an image of her reflection with make-up. Julia also included an accompanying card reading:

Dear Alexandra,
You should probably take care when opening this. It is charmed, of course... though I hope you've become more open with your mother and stepfather, dear stubborn sister!
I was going to send you some potions and notions and a magical hairbrush or two, but I know you would probably just put them in the bottom of your drawer.
"(Below this was a doodled pair of red lips which pouted for a second before laughing silently in the same way that Julia did.)"
So, at least this mirror will show you what you could look like if you bothered to take my advice. There's nothing wrong with wanting to look pretty now and then!
(P.S. Perhaps you will be permitted to visit over spring break. I am plying Mother, but she is being so very awful! If she won't agree, I may just Apparate myself to Central Territory. Apparition is harder than it looks! I'll tell you about the Splinching Incident in my next letter.)"


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