Goody Pruett's Witch-Made Pies, Cakes, and Other Confections is a desert shop with locations in the Goblin Market of Chicago (managed by Dee Finkleburg) and New Roanoke in the Roanoke Territory. The store was presumably founded by a witch named Goody Pruett.

Along with a variety of common deserts, Goody Pruett's offers Humility Pie, Consolation Pie, Schadenfreude Pie, and Blackbird Pie, as well as Rock Cakes, Jubilation Cake, and an array of Wizard Chocolates in red, yellow, blue, green, brown and white. The store also includes an "imports" case carrying Chocolate Frogs, Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, and Wizard Wheezes. A hallmark of the store is Wyland West's Famous 99-Flavored Ice Cream.

Charmbridge Academy Dean Lilith Grimm took Alexandra Quick to the Goody Pruett's in Chicago toward the end of the summer of 2007 to explain her scholarship. Quick later visited the Goody Pruett's in New Roanoke in the Spring of 2009 with Max, Julia, and Thalia King. In September 2009, David Washington and Angelique Devereaux visited the store in the Goblin Market.

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