In 2009, the Charmbridge Academy held its annual Dueling Competition as part of the yearly Hallowe'en festivities.

Middle GradesEdit

6th GradeEdit

Winner ~ Killmond
Winner ~ Moreau
  • Killmond v. Moreau
Winner ~ Moreau (grade-winner)

7th GradeEdit

Winner ~ Matsuzaka
  • Matsuzaka v. unknown
Winner ~ Matsuzaka (grade-winner)

8th GradeEdit

Winner ~ Rackham
Winner ~ Quick
Winner ~ Lester
  • Alexandra Quick v. Michael Lester
Winner ~ Quick (grade-winner)


  • Tomo Matsuzaka v. Niles Moreau
Winner ~ Matsuzaka
  • Alexandra Quick v. Tomo Matsuzaka
Winner ~ Quick (middle-grades winner)

Upper GradesEdit

9th GradeEdit

Winner ~ Robb
Winner ~ Krogstad (grade-winner)

10th GradeEdit

Winner ~ Albo (grade-winner)

11th GradeEdit

Winner ~ Panos

12th GradeEdit

Winner ~ Strangeland (grade-winner)


  • Larry Albo v. Torvald Krogstad
Winner ~ Albo
  • Larry Albo v. Theo Panos
Winner ~ Albo
  • Larry Albo v. Eric Strangeland
Winner ~ Albo (upper-grades winner)

Final DuelEdit

  • Alexandra Quick v. Larry Albo
Winner ~ Albo


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