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Thorn Family

Hecate Megaera Grimm (b. early 1970's) is one of the Grimm Triplets, being the younger sister of Diana and Lilith Grimm, the lover of Abraham Thorn, and the mother of Alexandra Quick.

An animorphmagus, she took the form of a black cat. In the mid-1990s, she and Thorn went on the run from the Wizard Justice Department, being pursued by Hecate's oldest sister Diana. The two were cornered at some point after Hecate gave birth and delivered the child to Abraham's oldest daughter, Claudia Quick, and Hecate was hit with a devastating Memory Charm that destroyed her memories and her ability to form new memories.

The WJD brought in the best Healers in the country, but were unable to restore Hecate's memories. Lilith took on responsibility for her sister's care while Diana continued to pursue Thorn, and Lilith transformed Hecate into her feline form – under the name of Galenthias (often shortened to Galen) – thereby giving her sister a greater measure of autonomy.


Hecate is named after the Greco-Roman goddess of triple nature – chthonic, celestial and maritime – variously associated with crossroads, gates and other entrances, passages, light in darkness, childbirth, nurturing the young, lunar lore, the night sky, the sea, the wilderness, the restless dead, dogs, snakes, healing and poisonous plants, magic and witchcraft. She also shares her surname with German folklorists Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm.

Hecate shares her Animagus name – Galenthias – with a woman from Greek mythology who was transformed into a black cat and became a priestess to Hecate. She also shares the name with Diana of Themyscira's mentor, who also took the form of a black cat, and who first appeared in Wonder Woman #605 which debuted in January of 2011. She also the shortened form of her Animagus name – Galen – with a 2nd Century Roman physician, surgeon and philosopher.

Introduction Edit

Galenthias rose from her chair, elongated, grew, and in only a few seconds, transformed into a grown woman wearing a simple white gown.

She looked exactly like Lilith and Diana Grimm, except for the pleasant, blank expression on her face.

"Oh," she said, looking at Alexandra, "hello there."

Appearances Edit

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