Inverarity is the author of the Alexandra Quick series, which currently consists of two books – Alexandra Quick and the Thorn Circle and Alexandra Quick and the Lands Below – and a third volume - Alexandra Quick and the Deathly Regiment - currently being published, as well as a 680-word vignette.


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Inverarity has authored the novel Hogwarts Houses Divided concerning the characters of Teddy Lupin, Dewey Diggory, Kai Chang, and Violet Parkinson, as well as writing the short stories "Christmas in Amber" and "Anger," and the novelette "The MacGuffin Hunt."

He has also announced his intention to eventually write a sequel to Hogwarts Houses Divided.

Inverarity also created the "America in the Potterverse" community at


Inverarity is the surname of a character in Thomas Pynchon's 1966 novel The Crying of Lot 49.

Inverarity sometimes uses the muted post-horn of the Trystero organization as an avatar. Inverarity

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