Jared Ciaran Thorn [1] (deceased) was the son of Emer and Enoch Thorn, the brother of Miriam Thorn, the husband of Leah Stanton, the father of Joshua and Abel Thorn, the grandfather of Seth Thorn, the great-grandfather of Abraham Thorn, and the great-great-grandfather of Lucilla, Drucilla and Valeria White, Maximilian and Julia King and Alexandra Quick.

He was interred in the Thorn family crypt on Croatoa. After his death, he remained in the corporeal world as a ghost, appearing in "traditional wizard robes and sporting an enormous handlebar mustache and a Faustian beard."

Alexandra Quick met him in November of 2009 when she ventured into the forests surrounding the King Family home.


Thorn shares his given name with one of the names by which the Biblical character of Moses was known.

His middle name is Gaelic for "dark-haired one," implying that he may have been a brunette.


References Edit

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