The Junior Regimental Officer Corps is a group similar to the Muggle Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps, and is the junior version of the Regimental Officer Corps. New recruits to the JROC are unranked and referred to as "wands" or, sometimes derogatorily, as "new wands." Further ranks are referred to as "mages" or "witches"; some ranks include Mage-Private (equivalent, if corresponding to modern Army ranks, to E1), , Mage-Sergeant (E5), Mage-Sergeant Major (E9), Witch-Private First Class (E3), Witch-Corporal (E4), and Witch-Colonel (O6).

The Charmbridge Academy hosts a student chapter of the JROC, whose members wear grayish-blue military uniforms during official functions, and can be seen on campus "flying in formation above the fields or practicing wand and broom drills, or marching through the hallways flashing their ribbons and medals." Mary Shirtliffe was a member of the Corps before joining the Regimental Officer Corps and remains a reserve Officer; she attended Governor-General Hucksteen's visit to Charmbridge's 2008 commencement in uniform. She also remarked to Alexandra Quick, after Alex's confrontation with Ben Journey, that Quick make a fine Officer due to her "great talent, courage, and determination, and enormous charisma."

In September 2008, members of the JROC, along with a group of Blacksburg Magery Institute students on exchange, broke up a fight between Anna Chu and Tomo Matsuzaka. On Shirtliffe's suggestion, Dean Grimm punished Chu and Quick for their involvement in the fight by assigning them to join the JROC

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