The Larkin Mills Mall is a shopping center that was built in downtown Larkin Mills in 2004 or 2005. Within a few years, the Mall became a favorite hangout of Larkin Mills' teenage population. Along with various shops, the Mall contains two large department stores, a large water fountain, several courtyards, and an arcade.

Alexandra Quick visited the Mall during the summer of 2008. She caught Bonnie Seabury shoplifting scrunchies and made the girl return the pilfered items. She then encountered Brian, Billy Boggleston, and Tom Gavin; when Gavin tried to take Alex's backpack – containing her wand – an enchanted mannequin grabbed him by the arm, causing him to drop the bag and flee the scene. Alex then met Diana Grimm, who took Alex to lunch and inquired after her father.

Quick and Seabury visited the Mall again in December of 2010, but left when Brian spotted Boggleston, Gavin, and Gordie Pike.

Appearances Edit

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