Mage-Corporal Martin Nguyen (b. 1992) attended Blacksburg Magery Institute from 2003 to 2010; he is originally from Florida, and the son of second-generation New Colonials. During the summer of 2008, his family took an Aurora Borealis cruise, where he met Darla Dearborn and the two enjoyed a mild romance.

During the 2008-2009 school year, he took part in the MASE Program, spending the term at the Charmbridge Academy along with Maximilian King, Tybalt Franklin, Pierce Prince, Adelaide Speir, and Beatrice Hawthorne.

When Nguyen later encountered Dearborn in the cafeteria at Grundy's, he publicly snubbed her, telling his friends that she had "followed him around like a puppy," and telling her that he didn't want "little girls following [him] around" at Charmbridge.

He and his fellow Stormcrows were introduced to the Charmbridge students by Dean Grimm during the start-of-term assembly. Alexandra later learned that he has been King's best friend since the two of them started at BMI together as sixth graders. Nguyen, along with King and Hawthorne, allowed Quick to join their dueling group and accompany them on outings.

Martin graduated with Beatrice in June 2010, after which he visited the Thorn family crypt on the island of Croatoa before leaving to join the Florida Regiment. It was during said visit that he confessed his romantic relationship with late Maximilian.

Appearances Edit

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