The Mors Mortis Society is a "secretive group" of "wannabe warlocks" at Charmbridge Academy that is officially forbidden by the Dean. According to some, the members aren't "really Dark" so much as they are interested in "learning jinxes and curses" not taught at Charmbridge. During the 2008-2009 school-year, the two highest ranking members are Sue Fox and John Manuelito.

In June 2008, Alexandra Quick received an invitation, written in red ink printed on black parchment and delivered anonymously, to the Society's year-end party. Torvald Krogstad and Stuart Cortlandt considered it an honor that Alex, as a sixth-grader, should be invited to the party.

The Society communicates the time, day and locations of its meetings by means of an enchanted coin, which Quick discovered in September 2008 when her raven brought one of the coins to her. Quick attended the first meeting of the 2008-2009 schoolyear along with Krogstand, Cortlandt, Darla Dearborn, Angelique Devereaux, Tomo Matsuzaka, and Maximilian King, and witnessed Fox summon a spirit from the Lands Beyond through the portal in a sub-basement chamber.

In October, the newest group of students were initiated using a Mayan Brazier of Visions in the attics of the Academy, while those who refused to partake in the ritual – including Devereaux – were made to return their coins and were sent away. At the same meeting, the new initiates were also taught the Wound Relocating Charm and the Freeze-Frame Spell. Four days later, the group convened again near the stables, where Manuelito instructed the youngest members on how to create a snakestone.

On Hallowe'en night, the Society met in the woods surrounding the campus where Fox collected the Mors Mortis coins and placed them in a massive, hollowed-out tree. The newest members were then made to enter the tree, where a wild boggart resided, to "face fear itself" and retrieve a coin.

Allusions Edit

The Society derives its name from the Latin phrase mors mortis, meaning death, and shares its name with the Roman personification of death.

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