The Nemesis Spirit was a monstrous creature of Dark "Indian witchcraft" that was created by John Manuelito, who kept it in his home in the Indian Territory of Dinétah.

"The homunculus of skin and bone" "had stick limbs and a shrunken bony torso wrapped in either rags or bandages," "tiny child-like hands with fingers like dried twigs," and "perched on its shoulders, instead of a head," "it had a skull like some sort of bird or dinosaur" with "a horrible gaping beak"

Alexandra Quick encountered the creature in January of 2011 while in pursuit of Manuelito. She battled it and escaped, but it pursued her back to the Charmbridge Academy and Larkin Mills in Central Territory. Quick eventually lured the Nemesis into a chamber beneath the school and delivered it to the Lands Below by using Naming magic and a Deathly Token.


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