The Spring Cotillion is a seasonal dance held anually in New Roanoke.

The Cotillion is a popular event in Roanoke Territory; Maximilian King claims that the event is meant for young witches and wizards to vet potential spouses, while Thalia King insists instead that the dance is primarily a simple social event. The gala is held at the vast mansion of the Governor of the Roanoke Territory.

The 2009 CotillionEdit

The 2009 New Roanoke Spring Cotillion was attended by, among others: Thalia King, Maximilian King, Julia King, Alexandra Quick, Payton Smith, Araminta Vanbrugh, Marjorie Bland, John Bland, Laurel Parker, Henry Bolling, and Abraham Thorn, who slipped past the many Aurors working security.


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