Old Larkin Pond is a "sluggish green pond," coated with algae and surrounded by tall grass, at the edge of Old Larkin and almost a mile outside of Larkin Mills proper. The Pond is located on the other side of the Interstate, separated from the town by a wooded hill and a field; it is hidden from view and omitted from most maps of Larkin Mills. Fed by "only a trickle," the water is brackish and smells of old boots.

In the summer of 2007, Alexandra Quick became convinced that a naiad had taken up residence in the Pond. She convinced her friends Brian and Bonnie Seabury to stake out the Pond with her, but they left before dark; Alex, staying behind by herself, faced and fended off a band of redcaps. In the scuffle, Alex dropped a bracelet in the water, and later returned with Brian and Bonnie, fighting off a kappa to retrieve it.

In the summer of 2010, Alex visited the Pond again to practice Apparating, and wound up Splinching herself in the process before she was found by Brian Seabury and Diana Grimm.

Appearances Edit

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