The Ozarkers are a cultural group that reside in the Ozark Mountain region of the central United States. They are included under the cultural umbrella of Old Colonials, and are known for harboring a preoccupation with blood-status, with a high regard for purebloodedness. Being a recognized Culture, they are not subject to all Confederation laws, and as such, many Ozarker children begin working magic with wands from an early age. Most children inherit wands through their families, with some Ozarker wands dating back over centuries.

Prominent Ozarkers appearing in the Alexandra Quick series include Constance and Forbearance Pritchard and Benjamin and Mordecai Rash.

Jubilee Edit

A celebration that takes place in the Ozarks; Forbearance Pritchard referred to it in Thanksgiving of 2009, when she said that during the last Jubilee, the Regiment came to visit the Ozarks.