Payton Smith in 2010

Payton Smith (b. circa 1994/1995) is a wizard living in the Roanoke Territory. He is Muggle-born, and was under the impression that the Charmbridge Academy only admitted pure-blooded wizards. He attends a magical day school.

He attended the New Roanoke Spring Cotillion in April 2009, and danced with Alexandra Quick.

In June 2010, he encountered Quick and her sister Julia King in New Roanoke, where he had asked Alex to lunch. She accepted.

During the Summer of 2010, he attended the Pirate Fleet Invasion in Roanoke with Alex and Julia. After Julia left the two alone on a pier, he kissed Alex, and the two agreed to have a long-distance boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.

In September 2010, Smith mailed a letter to Alex at Charmbridge, including a poem that he had written for her.


Smith shares his surname with (besides roughly 1% of the American, British, and Australian population) an early Virginian colonist.


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