The following genealogical chart relates to the Pritchard family of American Ozarker witches and wizards:

Dust Pritchard; m. Mrs. Pritchard
First Pritchard son; m. wife
Second Pritchard son
Third Pritchard son
First Pritchard daughter; m. husband
Second Pritchard daughter; m. husband
Constance Pritchard (b. 1995)
Forbearance Pritchard (b. 1995)
Innocence Pritchard (b. 1997)
Whimsy Pritchard
Done Pritchard

The Pritchard children's great-great-grandmother and great-grandmother were both wandmakers. Their great-great-grandmother died in 1978; her wand later "kinned" to Constance in 2004.

The Pritchard Family posed for a photograph that they gave to Alexandra Quick for Christmas in December of 2010.

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