Quimley is an elf who once served wizards, but now lives among the Generous Ones in the Lands Below. One of his ears was torn off, and his head is covered with scar-tissue. He wears a Muggle denim jacket that hangs on him "like a baggy, overly large robe."

Alexandra Quick encountered Quimley in May 2009, when he warned her not to accept gifts from the Generous Ones because such gifts give them power over their recipients. He offered to wash Quick's dirty clothes so that she would not have to accept new clothes as gifts from Siatani and Lialuco, and explained that he was bound to the Generous Ones because he "gave them the most terrible gift."

In November 2010, he was Summoned to Charmbridge Academy by Quick, who requested that the elf locate John Manuelito for her. Quimley agreed to do so, but refused to take Quick to Manuelito, on two conditions: that Quick agree to think careful before making any further promises to anyone, and that Quick agree to tell her father about the compact she made with the Generous Ones. Quick agreed.


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