The "Shakespeare Star" is a name given to one of the Heavenly Powers among the Parliament of Stars with which Alexandra Quick treated in the Winter of 2011.

This Power converses in lengthy poetic verses, causing Quick to name it after William Shakespeare. The Power's most prophetic verse to Quick was:

We did not pronounce the fate apportioned to your Name
Each soul is influenced by us, but we do not steer them
The moon brings the tides, and so drowns men; is it to blame?
The Stars Above are the greatest of Powers, but do not fear them.
All that falls within our orbit is ours to see,
Our domain is limitless, our sight expands forever,
But we do not craft fate and destiny
We know and when it please us, warn, but command never.
Ages pass and you grow more distant, your light fleeting
You close doors and windows, shuttering the light we shed.
You who once called us often, now rarely meeting
Prefer a world of atoms where magic has fled.
It is no tragedy for us; we are eternal
You will feel our absence in time.
The source of your tragedy is paternal
You cannot hide until the end of time.
Your father knew when you were born
The Stars Above whose spheres he'd scorn


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