A Skyhook is a magical version of a Muggle device of the same name, which functions by a user throwing the hook into the air, where appears to catch onto nothing at all. The user may then climb a rope attached to the hook to reach a higher location, or to descend from a higher location, after which the user yanks on the rope in a particular manner in order to release the hook.

Maximilian King packed one for his descent into the Lands Below in May 2009.

Alexandra Quick later used the same Hook to climb out of her bedroom window at Croatoa in November 2009.

Quick considered using the Hook again in October 2010 to climb out of her dormroom window at the Charmbridge Academy, but decided against it. In January 2011, she used the Hook to scale a rock formation outside of Orange Rock in New Mexico in order to escape a pack of werewolves.


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