A snakestone is an enchanted stone that attacts a swarm of snakes. Such a stone is created by performing a series of incantations to charm the smooth, round stone which is then forced into the throat of a snake; after the snake dies, within a day or so, the stone is cut from the snake's corpse, completing the enchantment.

Slight variations on the incantation can create a stone that will attract a swarm of spiders (possibly known as a "spiderstone") or a swarm of scorpions (possible known as a "scorpionstone"). The attractive powers of the stone are counteracted by tying to it the feather of a raptor.

In October 2008, John Manuelito demonstrated how to make a snakestone during the third meeting of the Mors Mortis Society. Darla Dearborn was given charge of the snake; she asked Anna Chu for a feather from her owl, but Chu refused when Dearborn wouldn't reveal why.

During the Summer of 2009, Alexandra Quick hid a snakestone near Old Larkin Pond in Larkin Mills in order to scare off local teenagers. The stone was later found and destroyed by Diana Grimm.

Appearances Edit

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