The Squib Laws were a body of legislation instituted by the American Wizards' Congress during the Old Colonial period of the 19th Century which "had to do with what purebloods believed about breeding." Some of the provisions of the laws included "laws against Squibs marrying wizards or anyone with known wizarding blood" and "laws against Squibs living in wizard communities."

Confederation Law 843Edit

One of the Squib Laws was known as Confederation Law 843, Article 6 of which made it "illegal for Squibs to have children" and authorized the government to take "necessary measures to prevent continuation of non-magical bloodlines of wizarding issue" by administering the Barrenness Curse. The Law was generally no longer enforced by the 1960s, but remained in effect until it was abolished in the late 1980s.

Claudia Quick, for instance, became a victim of the Barrenness Curse on the orders of Roanoke Governor Elias Hucksteen in 1988.


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