Stuart Cortlandt (b. 1995) attended Charmbridge Academy from 2006 to 2013. He comes "from a pureblood Old Colonial family."

Seventh GradeEdit

He and Torvald Krogstad rode the Charmbridge Bus to the Goblin Market in Chicago toward the end of the summer of 2007, dueling with each other in a round of "hexem" during the ride.

In October, he and Cortlandt conspired to trick Alexandra Quick and Larry Albo into proximity of each other, trigger the Transfiguration Jinx that Grimm had placed on the two and turning them both into rats.

After commencement in June 2008, he was impressed that Quick, as a sixth-grader had received an invitation to the Mors Mortis Society's year-end party.

Eighth GradeEdit

He and Torvald again played "hexem" on the Charmbridge Bus on the way to the Goblin Market.


The character may named after two characters on the soap opera All My Children: Stuart Chandler and Palmer Cortlandt.

Appearances Edit

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