The Darkness That Threatens Us All! is a book by Jerwig Findlewell concerning the Dark Convention. The book outlines a vast Dark conspiracy theory wherein everything from the Automagicka and ASPEW to the Muggle Marriage Act to the New World Druidic Order to the consideration in 1980 of an Alaskan witch for the Governor-Generalship are aimed at tearing apart the traditional values of wizarding society. The book also gives a concise history of "the Thorn Circle."

According to Maximilian King, the first edition of the book listed Abraham Thorn's ex-wives and children, but after Findlewell was sent to the Dunwoody Home for the Incurably Cursed, librarians and booksellers applied Editing Charms to remove that information.


Alexandra Quick and the Thorn Circle
Alexandra Quick and the Lands Below (mentioned)

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