The Lands Below, and Other Native Muggle Tales is a book, classified as "children's fiction," that discusses, among other topics, the Lands Below, in the context of Muggle mythology. A copy is held by the New Amsterdam Public Wizards' Library, and was ordered by Bran and Poe on behalf of Alexandra Quick in March 2009.

The book is a collection of Native American legends initially told by indigenous tribes, repeated by Muggles, and eventually transcribed by Colonial wizards as tales for their children. The result is, apparently, an "incoherent but imaginative series of stories about talking corn, beautiful women disguised as trees, shapeshifting rabbits who hunted foxes with bows, and caves in the clouds."

The first story in the book, concerning the Lands Below, describes "a tribe of monsters who were banished to some sort of underworld by Indian wizards, where they were trapped for all time."


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