Thomas "Tom" Gavin is a resident of Larkin Mills, and a friend of Billy Boggleston and Gordie Pike.

In August 2007, Tom and Billy found Alexandra Quick alone in a park, and proceeded to pick on her. When Tom demanded one of her cookies, she handed it over, but it promptly turned into a mouthful of worms when he tried to eat it. Quick then kicked out both of his knees.

In August 2008, Tom, Billy, and Brian Seabury found Quick in a department store in the Larkin Mills Mall. When Tom tried to take Alex's bookbag, an enchanted mannequin grabbed him by the arm, forcing him to drop the bag. He and Billy promptly fled the store.

During the Summer of 2010, Tom, Billy and Gordie Pike accosted Alex at the Sweetmaple park.


Gavin shares his name with the main character of the FX series Rescue Me.


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