Tomo Matsuzaka (b. 1997) attended the Charmbridge Academy from 2008 to 2015. She is from the Majokai Culture. Her father is the head of one of the most powerful Majokai families, and wants the Majokai to become regular members of the Confederation rather than being a Culture.

Sixth GradeEdit

In her first week at Charmbridge, she targeted Anna Chu with a Nail-Pulling Jinx. She was jinxed by Xaoming at Chu's request with Medusa's Curse, resulting in Ms. Murphy cutting off Tomo's hair. She later got into a fight with Chu in a corridor, which Chu's friend Alexandra Quick attempted to break up before Professor Shirtliffe intervened with six Stormcrow exchange students and most of Charmbridge's Junior Regimental Officer Corps students. Matsuzaka was assigned to serve the year with the JROC along with Chu and Quick.

In September, Tomo received an MMS coin, and joined the Mors Mortis Society along with Chu, Quick, Maximilian King, Torvald Krogstad, Stuart Cortlandt, Darla Dearborn, and Angelique Devereaux. At the first meeting in a chamber below the Charmbridge basements, she witnessed Sue Fox summon and banish a spirit from the Lands Beyond.

Prior to the second meeting, she encountered Quick in the Charmbridge attics, and was threatened by the seventh-grader to stay away from Chu. During the meeting, Matsuzaka used a Mayan Brazier of Visions, and learned the Wound Relocating Charm. Four days later, when the group convened again near the stables, Matsuzaka learned from John Manuelito how to create a snakestone.

On Hallowe'en night of 2008, she faced a wild boggart in the woods surrounding the Charmbridge campus as part of the Mors Mortis Society's initiation ritual; the boggart took on the form of Alexandra Quick.

She remained in the Mors Mortis Society even after Quick quit, but in November 2008, she was intercepted on her way to another MMS meeting by Quick and Chu, who thought she was responsible for stealing Angelique Devereaux's jarvey. When Alexandra threatened her, Tomo confessed that she had been sent to abduct one of their familiars, but wasn't able to do it because she couldn't bring herself to harm any animals, and admitted that she hated being in the Mors Mortis Society and just wanted to go home. When Alexandra asked her why she hadn't quit, Tomo revealed that she had been frightened by Quick and Chu's threats, and sought protection from the Society. Alexandra told Tomo to give her her MMS coin and stay away from the group, and then sent her with Anna back to their rooms, after commanding the girls to end their feud.

Seventh GradeEdit

Eighth GradeEdit

In October 2010, Matsuzaka won the middle-grades title in the Hallowe'en Dueling Competition, though she wound up losing to Larry Albo in the Final Duel.

Allusions Edit

Matsuzaka shares her given name with a Cleveland Indians pitcher, and her surname with a Boston Red Sox pitcher.

Appearances Edit

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