Torvald Krogstad (b. 1995) attended Charmbridge Academy from 2006 to 2013, receiving an academic scholarship.

Seventh Grade Edit

He and Stuart Cortlandt rode the Charmbridge Academy Bus to the Goblin Market in Chicago toward the end of the summer of 2007, dueling with each other in a round of "hexem" during the ride.

In October, he and Cortlandt conspired to trick Alexandra Quick and Larry Albo into proximity of each other, trigger the Transfiguration Jinx that Grimm had placed on the two and turning them both into rats.

After commencement in June 2008, he was impressed when Quick, as a sixth-grader, received an invitation to the Mors Mortis Society's year-end party.

Eighth GradeEdit

He and Stuart again played "hexem" on the Charmbridge Bus; Krogstad was the first student to greet Alex again from vacation, albeit with her nickname of Troublesome. Torvald also took part in the Mors Mortis Society, where he, along with the other members, saw Alexandra leave because she didn't want to kill a snake.

Ninth GradeEdit

He once again greeted Quick on the Charmbridge Bus with her nickname, earning a sour look and responding with a grin.

Tenth GradeEdit

In September 2010, Krogstad was the only sophomore to greet Quick "in a friendly manner," though "she suspected he was waiting for a chance to hex her."

In October 2010, Krogstad met with Quick after curfew at the fire pit in order to practice dueling in preparation for the Halloween Dueling Competition. After trading spells for half-an-hour, the two took a break, during which Torvald asked why Quick insisted on acting like "Bellatrix the Death Eater" before flirting with her. The two were interrupted by Larry Albo and Bathsheba Anderson.

During the Winter Ball, Torvald asked Alexandra for a dance and promptly kissed her afterwards when she refused a second song, claiming that he wanted to be able "To say [he] did it and got a away with it." He then pointed out Quick "didn't pull away" before leaving her with a wink and a bow.


The character is named after two characters in the 1879 Henrik Ibsen play a Doll's House: banker Torvald Helmer and his employee Nils Krogstad.

Appearances Edit

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