The "Troublesome Star" is a name given to one of the Heavenly Powers among the Parliament of Stars with which Alexandra Quick treated in the Winter of 2011.

This Power converses in "short, sarcastic couplets" that directly addressed Quick by her Name of Troublesome, such as:

Troublesome vexes, Troublesome woes,
Twice she has called us,
But can't say what she knows
Troublesome's arrogant, Troublesome's rude,
Troublesome hasn't learned humility,
Or even gratitude
Troublesome's fate is written in the stars;
Troublesome's future is in her hands,
Her fate lies not in ours
Troublesome argues, Troublesome pleads,
Troublesome thinks reality
Will bend to her needs
Troublesome has questions, but answers are not free.
Swear a service to us, and we'll answer
Troublesome will take a life, so say the Stars Above.
Troublesome will save a life, but lose everything
You love


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