The Wizardrail is a magical highspeed rail-line. Like many magical means of transportation, the Wizardrail is capable of traveling through spaces that trains of its size should not be able to traverse. It also includes long stretches of underground rail that are maintained through the use of very complex magic.

Chicago, Illinois has a Wizardrail station located on the edge of the Goblin Market. Other cities with such rail-stations include New Orleans, Appalachia, and Blacksburg. Dominion Station is another such Wizardrail station, and is located between the Appalachia and Blacksburg stations along the Roanoke Underhill line.

Train lines that travel along the Wizardrail include the Roanoke Underhill, the Swamplight Express, the Star of Acadia, and the Delta Blue Blazer.

Appearances Edit

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